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How to index search engine | before backlink

Perhaps many of you who do not know how to order your blog indexed by search engines. Indeed if your blog is not indexed by search engines, chances are your blog or website visitors will be very little or even no visitors who stop by on your blog or website. Most netters using search engines to find information, for it compulsory for you to register your blog or website to search engines especially the big search engines like google and yahoo. In order for your blog indexed by search nesin ynag you need to do is enter your blog's web address and to addresses are below:





You can visit the addresses one by one and then submit your website address or blog. Do it at least once because if you 2minggu registering every day, you will be considered SPAM and will result in your blog or website will not be indexed by search engines. Hopefully useful!

Backlink | Backlink story

If we talk about SEO (Search engine optimization), would not be separated from the name backlink, backlink true is part of SEO that must be considered, for quality backlinks can determine the position of our blog in search engines such as google, other than that quality backlinks are also can determine the pagerank of a blog. That means we as a blogger should at least be understood and few actually understand what these backlinks.

Backlink can I interprete as a link or links obtained through site A from site B, for example your site are property of A and B sites are owned by Tono, then your site get a backlink from Tono site, because Tono put your link in its website (may be understand the concept of my writing friends ...). nah in the world of backlinks, there are several kinds of backlink, at least based on what I know there are three different types of backlinks, please read my little review below:

1. One Way backlinks (one-way backlinks)

One-way backlink link is obtained from other sites but the sites do not get a backlink backlinks backlink kesitus who have contributed. For more details, see the picture:
The model of one way backlinks does have considerable influence on the SERP (seach enggine result page), because blogs do not get backlink backlinks, so that search engines consider web obtain web backlink is quite important. But indeed I will admit to gain one way backlinks is extremely difficult and, for that we can create a dummy blog as a link to our blog engine.

2. Two Way Backlink (Backlink Two-Way)
Two-Way Backlink commonly called a link or tukeran excange links, the concept is you put the links of other people because other people put up your link, so bottom line are both posted a link. But indeed if compared with the one way backlinks, one way backlinks is better than two way backlinks, but anyway there is nothing wrong for the same link tukeran friends, than to search for backlinks also silatur Rahmi and get to know bloggers (friends) other (how something interest tukeran link blog ni ga ma ').

3. Three Way backlinks (backlinks Three Way)

Three-way backlink is a backlink kesitus site A gives B and B sites provide backlinks to the site C, then site C gives Backlink kesitus A. (Hopefully not confused friends) for more details see the picture:
Frankly I've never tried three way backlinks, maybe later I'll try, who knows the effect will be better and great ....

Of the three types of backlinks at the top, where the best backlinks? Maybe it's in your mind, if I may answer, a better backlinks is one way backlinks, because sites that provide backlinks backlink is not in the recipient sites to backlink, so sites that accept (given) a backlink will be considered important by the SE (but in this case, sites that provide backlinks have been indexed by the SE), as deemed important by the SE will certainly make it easier to perch on the start page seach enggine, or you can also do an experiment on a few backlinks above, and expect to gain a backlink will be where good enough to be used on things (situation) specific, and do not forget to share if it had been obtained for the SEO tips that friend ......!

maybe that's a bit much can I inform you that with respect to backlink, backlinks indeed have a large role in the SERP (seach enggine result page), so, as much as possible we must strive to build quality backlinks (backlinks from either outside or within the site itself ), but there's one thing we must not forget that in backlink anchor texk, for more details about the anchor texk I will write another chance. And also measured quality backlinks from blogs / sites that provide backlink, such as the giver of Page Rank sites backlink, besides inbount and outbount link from the blog link providers can also affect the quality of our backlinks, maybe that's all I can write with regard to backlinks, good luck my friend .....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Introduction Free Backlink |Free Backlinks|FREE Automated Backlink

Introduction Free Backlink |Free Backlinks|FREE Automated Backlink

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